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We offer a friendly and down-to-earth approach to therapy.

We believe the relationship you have with your practitioner is the key to your treatment’s success. For that reason, we will conduct a compatibility session to ensure you will be allocated to the clinician that best fits you.

Through the use of evidence-based methodologies, we will help you to deal with anxiety, depression, anger and other problems you might be facing, to support you with making effective long-lasting change.

What do we do?


We can help you to name what you are experiencing.


Are completed through by an interview with your clinician and the use of tools and assessments.
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We can help you to cope with your diagnosis.


We can support you on developing a plan of action to decrease your symptoms or develop strategies to manage your diagnosis.
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Ongoing Support

We can help you along the way.

Ongoing Support

We can support you on managing and dealing with your diagnosis.
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How do we do it?

Individual Psychotherapy

Life can be challenging at times. Sudden life changes can happen, such as losing a family member or having an unplanned pregnancy, which can increase someone’s stress levels and trigger anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges. The good news is: you do not need to go through all of it by yourself.

A psychologist is a health professional highly trained to help people like you, aiming to improve your mental health and general well-being. Their well-developed listening skills will provide comfort to your pain, whilst challenging your disruptive thoughts.

Group Therapy

Have you ever thought: “No one has EVER gone through the same situation as me!”?

It is highly likely there are people out there going through the same challenges as you. And it is likely they are thinking the same as you are: that they are by themselves, without knowing anyone going through the similar challenges…

Group therapy allows you to find peers facing similar trials as you are. Guided by an experienced psychologist, the group will support you with disrupting the thoughts you might be having and that might be causing you disturbance.

Our therapeutic groups runs seasonally.


A Psychological Assessment is a method to explore any possible diagnoses an individual might present. An assessment is usually conducted by a registered psychologist or by a provisional psychologist (under the supervision of a registered psychologist). It can be standardized, through the use of standard testing, or by an informal assessment (such as observations at school, or analyzes of pieces of the individual’s writing material).

At Talking Works, we conduct:

  • Autism Assessment
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Career Assessment
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